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PEF Community Report MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT We encourage every school family to join us this year in helping us reach our pledge. This summer, I traveled to Japan on a journey to trace family history. From this experience, I learned that in order to move forward, you must have a clear picture of where things all began. It helps to provide per- spective and guidance as to where you need to be in the future. As the Peninsula Education Foundation celebrates its 40th Anniversary, we look forward to honoring our past, as well as preparing for the years to come. Looking back we recognize the strides and prog- ress we have made in helping to build an incredible, dynamic learning environment on the Peninsula. Throughout the past 40 years, PEF has provided over $49 million directly to our PVPUSD Schools! We've helped save essential positions that would have been cut due to District budget constraints. All the while, bringing together our Palos Verdes Community to work toward an important cause…helping to maintain the continued, unparalleled excellence of our schools. We dedicate this year to the founding members of our organization: community leaders who had the vision and determination to form the Peninsula Education Foundation. Their commitment and hard work have helped to create a better education for all of our stu- dents. And, as we head into 2020, our vision as an organization is clear. We are committed, dedicated and determined to light the way for our students by providing the essential funding needed to maintain the excellence of our schools and extraordinary education for every PVPUSD student. Shari Shigenaga President, Board of Trustees Thank you to everyone who has sup- ported, contributed, and partnered with the Peninsula Education Foundation over the past 40 years. We look forward to continuing our work together in cre- ating brighter futures for our students and to help keep our community strong for many more years to come. Celebrating the past and lighting the way for the future. 40 YEARS SUPPORTING PVPUSD STUDENTS 40 YEARS SUPPORTING PVPUSD STUDENTS 1979 2019 •

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